VELETRHY BRNO a.s., is the largest and the most experienced exhibition company in the Czech Republic. VELETRHY BRNO a.s., provides a range of services as shown below:

- all creative works associated with exhibitions and exhibition promotions
- organisation and installation of stands at exhibitions and fairs
- complete organisation and installation of separate exhibitions, including
publicity, in the Czech Republic as well as abroad
- trade representation of foreign companies
- agency in arranging a business activity for Czech legal entities abroad
- forwarding services
- complete preparation, design and execution of interiors
- organisation of sale promotion
- Press Relations services
- information services.

In installation of companies' exhibition stands VELETRHY BRNO a.s., offers to prepare stand projects including space arrangement, graphic design, furthermore complete implementation of the project, professional execution of the handicraft works needed, installation of interior stands built from modular system units or custom-constructed, VELETRHY BRNO´s own manufacturing capacities for an exhibition stand installation, furnishing of interiors, offices and shops, flower and decorative planting, photographic documentation of stands and a comprehensive exhibition service.

VELETRHY BRNO a.s., Dipl.-Ing. Jiří Škrla – Director General
Výstaviště 1, 647 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420/541 151 111, fax: 00420/541 153 070
For Fair KABO: Mrs. Gabriela Vargová – Manager of the Fair KABO
Phone: 00420/541 151 111, fax: 00420/541 153 060
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