JONAP-výroba obuvi s.r.o.





The company produces children leather leisure footwear in size groups 0 – 2 and children textile home slippers in size groups 0 – 4. When producing the footwear, it emphasizes especially  quality and health harmlessness of children footwear. The company has these properties regularly checked in the system of above-standard evaluation and voluntary certification of children footwear, which is carried out by the Institute for Testing and Certification. Almost the whole collection of children footwear has the right to use the symbols “Czech Quality” and label “Žirafa” – children health harmless shoes.


JONAP-výroba obuvi
Paseka 329, 78397 Paseka, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420 602 585 969, fax : 00420 585 039 284
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