The Secondary Shoe-Making Apprentice Training School (SOU) is an educational institution with a long tradition in education and training of skilled workers for the shoe-making industry. It is a direct successor to Ba?a´s School of Labour, which originated in Zlín in 1925. Its main purpose is to educate and train qualified workers and technicians on the basis of a principle combining theory with practical work.

Since 1993, also the International School of Modern Shoe-Making (ISMS) has been a part of the Secondary Shoe-Making Apprentice Training School. ISMS aims at providing education to those from abroad who wish to build their career in the footwear industry. It is an intensive three month course including practical training. The course is held in the Czech and English languages.

The school offers also a short-term course for shoe designers. Further it prepares workers for tannery, engineering, garment making and building industries.

Secondary Shoe-Making Apprentice Training School, a.s. Svit, Zlín - SOU
International School of Modern Shoe-Making - ISMS
Mgr. Marta Fojtíková - Headmaster
nám. T. G. Masaryka 1279, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone/fax: 00420/576 037 216
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