The beginnings of this school date back to the year 1925 when the Baťa apprentice training school known as the Baťa School of Labour was founded. Since the Ba?a Shoe Company, developing very rapidly, had an urgent need of skilled technicians, a technical school was established at Zlín in 1937 comprising, besides the shoe-making, also electrical enginnering, building, chemistry, knitting and tanning fields of study. The school had a three-degree system of extension courses which ensured a perfect selection of students. Later on, the above fields of study separated from the school to form independent secondary vocational schools (chemical, tanning, mechanical engineering and building). In 1950, four-year study was introduced and the school moved into the building of the former Study Institute where it has been located ever since. In 1961, the original name of the school was changed to the Secondary Technical School for Leather Processing Industries which has remained unchanged till now. The great merit of this school has been its close link with practice which required students to to work in special students´ workshops every day. Even today, the students practise in workshops of manufacturing plants and those of the school.

SPŠ polytechnická - COP, Ing.  Bc. Jiří Charvát – Headmaster
Nad Ovčírnou 2528, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420/577 573 100, fax: 00420/577 573 128
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