The offer concerning the establishing of the Foundation, made to Minister, Mr. Dlouhý, in the early years of the nineties, was meant seriously and despite the fact that it was not able to be realised, remained continually in force. To this good intention was added, at the start of the nineties, indignation at the disconsolate situation caused by the conduct of certain groups and at what followed later. I had already supported the "Frog Guys", ecologists, an economist at his studies in England, students at schools, shoe designers and others. I was aware of the fact that it was important to already show young people at schools that there are people who are interested in them. I endeavoured to motivate them by organising competitions for them. To teach them to work also outside the school, to learn how to win and not to despair on losing. On realising that these activities were springing up like mushrooms, without plan and aim, I decided, together with some friends, for whom I have much respect, to realise the establishing of a foundation from own limited resources. At that time I did not consider financial resources of the Foundation as important.

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