BAŤA, a.s., Zlín




Baťa, a.s., comprises sale and manufacturing divisions. At present, the sale division operates more than 68 sales outlets in the whole of the Czech Republic. The product range sold in the shop network is intended primarily for town customers.

The product line produced by the manufacturing division at Dolní Němčí comprises predominantly the CASUAL type of shoes, which is a footwear for leisure intended primarily for younger people. The shoes have been designed in co-operation with Italian designers. Though the largest part of the CASUAL footwear is produced in men’s sizes, the manufacturer offers the same shoe models also in ladies’ and children’s sizes.

BAŤA, a.s.
Dlouhá 130, 762 22 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 577 685 111, fax: +420 577 685 226,
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