ORTO plus s.r.o., Valašské Klobouky






Czech shoe company ORTO plus Ltd. with a long tradition produces and sells luxury footwear and health at the same time. Such footwear is mainly a summer walking and overshoes women's and men's footwear that is designed for the general public.

Gets you to its unique design special "Soft" materials, which ensure comfortable walking plus helping to improve the health of the lower limbs. For shoe upper materials are used only quality, certified leather, which is not mechanically stretched, but are the bottoms sewn by hand, This ensures maximum flexibility each foot individually.

ORTO plus s.r.o., Ing. Radim Kocourek, Ph.D. - Managing Director
Cyrilometodějská 1010, 766 01 Valašské Klobouky, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 603 359 454
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