The company was founded in 2000. It concentrates on activities in the footwear field. The company's major business is purchase of footwear for the purpose of its subsequent deliveries to certain target groups. The main product lines are ladies' and men's summer, winter and all-season outdoor exclusive shoes. A pritority is given to footwear made from quality cattle, calf as well as goat natural leathers. The footwear offered is always of interesting designs on heels of various shapes. A strong point of the shoes offered is also good workmanship and quality materials assuring pleasant wearing. The company uses the following trademarks for presentation of its products:
- the men's footwear is presented under the RICCARDO trademark
- the ladies' shoes are presented under the MACCIONI, AVANTI, La´ Mienne trademark.

Jiří ŠNOBL – owner, Novodvorská 1071, 674 01 Třebíč, Czech Republic
Plant: V zahradách 239, 675 21 Okříšky, Czech Republic
Mobile: 00420/604 102 715
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