SVORTO s.r.o., Praha







The company was founded in 1991 as an association of natural persons. In 1999, the company was transformed to svorto s.r.o. Since the beginning of its activity the company has been concerned with manufacture and distribution of orthopaedic, sports and series shoe inserts, manufacture and distribution of orthopaedic aids, semi-finished products for prosthetics and shoe accessories for healthy and comfortable walking. Another activity in which we cooperate with professional orthopedic and rehabilitation doctors is producing  of custom orthopedic insoles according to doctor's prescription, repairs and modifications of normal and orthopedic footwear. The company  is specialized in making insoles  on equipment French company SIDAS which are shaped in the mould directly to the customer's foot. We exclusively represent  SIDAS in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic . We offer the range of orthopedic and sports, series and custom insoles, equipment for forming insoles, technology  for  shaping ski footwear and equipment for analyzing feet.

svorto s.r.o., Praha
Radek Smeták – executive
Průběžná 787/30, 100 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic
Tel./fax: 00420/241 740 339
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