KASTEK Komponenty, s.r.o., Uherský Brod



Top quality and modern design are the company´s hallmarks. Kastek is concerned with development and manufacture of plastics components for footwear. With the production of these components, particularly of shoe soles, the company satisfies the needs of footwear producers in the Zlín region known for its shoe making tradition started by the famous shoe manufacturer Ba?a, one on which Kastek is based, too. If you need a modern and high quality sole for your shoe model or for footwear already in series production the Kastek company is ready to develop and manufacture such products for you. The programme of product development and production includes services as follows:

1. Design and development of the product (i.e. soles or other plastics footwear components), elaboration of modelling and technical documentation.

2. Fabrication of injection moulds.

3. Manufacture of plastics components and labels from PVC, TPR and PU with printing

- manufacture of TPR and PVC soles (the present capacity can be extended considerably within a short period of time)

- a variety of small plastics footwear components (made of PVC, PU, PE, PP and PS).

4. Component finishing such as varnishing, manual finishing, buffing and roughening.

5. Quality control of the manufacture according to the ISO 9002 standard. The company employs an audited system of quality control; certificates of laboratory quality tests are provided with soles deliveries.

KASTEK Komponenty, s.r.o.
Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Kadlček - Director
ul. Vazová 2375, 688 01 Uherský Brod, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420/572 638 019
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