The Institute for Testing and Certification (ITC), Zlín, is an independent, impartial state-authorized testing laboratory No. 224 concerned with testing, consultancy, certification and surveillance within the broad scope of its activities. It is authorized to test leather, footwear, leather fancy goods, polymers, plastics and rubber products, chemical industry products, fibres and textile.ITC, a.s., Zlín is an accredited testing laboratory No. 1004, a quality system certification body No. 3002 and a product certification body No. 3020. ITC is also authorized to assess environment conditions and to conduct official measurements.
In the sphere of footwear, leathers and leather fancy goods, ITC performs certification and testing of products, specialized tests, assessment of products for granting the CZECH MADE marking, receiving quality inspection of materials, semi-finished and finished products, elaboration of expert´s reports for complaint settlement procedures, disputes, etc., product approval (school satchels, children´s trunks, protective work equipment such as boots, gloves and clothing), technical standardization, etc.

Institut pro testování a certifikaci a.s.
Ing. Jiří Samsonek - director of testing division
Tř. Tomáše Bati 299, 763 02 Zlín - Louky
tel.: +420 577 601 272, mob.: +420 603 101 139
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