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Ergon a. s. is a traditional manufacturer of orthopaedic footwear made to order and of medical textile aids. In recent years, the company with a more than eighty years tradition has renewed the successful business done in the period between the two World Wars. Modern management concept associated with a broad range of services accompany principal innovation changes such as a novel collection of models of individual orthopaedic footwear. Experienced experts are able to make quality shoes for any foot defect. A nationwide network of contact sites provides good accessibility by patients from all regions of the country. The company’s products are paid by health insurance companies if prescribed by an orthopaedist.

- individual orthopaedic footwear (manufacture, repairs and modifications)
- orthopaedic modifications of standard footwear
- extension of shortened lower extremity
- application of foot arch, exotosis pressure reduction (exotosis easing), etc.
- direct replacements of feet parts (and their applications)
- individual orthopaedic supports

Medical textile aids

- hernial, lumbar and abdominal belts
- cravats, bandages, ortheses
- feet correctors, peroneal bands
- and many others.

Ergon a.s.
Papírenská 1, 166 11 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Dipl. Ing. Jiří Táborský (footwear)
telephone: 00420/234 123 244
Miroslava Krůdlová (Commercial Director)
telephone: 00420/234 123 229 fax: 00420/234/123 228
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