D.P.K., spol. s r.o., Zlín





The D.P.K. company was founded in 1995. In the first year of its existence the company operated on the “work by contract“ basis. In 1996, the company started its own production in a bottom workshop at Březolupy. During April of the same year, clicking and stitching workshops were added to the previous one. The two workshops employ over 50 workers at present.

The company´s major product line includes children´s shoes for the youngest children in 0 and 1 size groups in which solely natural, upholstery leathers are used as upper materials. The company manufactures also innersoles for children´s, ladies´ and men´s size groups.

In 1997, four models from the company´s footwear collection were awarded the CZECH MADE mark by the Czech Republic´s Association for Quality; the mark was reawared to D.P.K. in 1998.

D.P.K., spol. s r.o.
Mr. Petr Kubát - executive
Jateční 523, Budova PLECA, 760 01 Zlín
Phone: +420 608 738 071
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