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Vašek Staněk found out during high school that shoes that look good and last a long time are not just so commonly in the offer of shops.. He took advantage of the fact that he comes from Zlín with a strong shoemaking tradition and decided to start producing his own models. And so he traded running on the athletic oval for building a brand that offered exactly what he was looking for. Quality shoes that you know who made what and from what, and you can rely on them every time you travel.

The cuts are based on traditional work shoes, bowling shoes or pioneers, for example. They freed them from all unnecessary details, adjusted everything to their own taste and the result is Vasky. Simple and sharp lines, minimalist look and unobtrusive color combinations. What they have kept is the quality of workmanship and quality stitching around the entire circumference of the shoes, which is crucial for their durability and durability.

Vasky trade s.r.o., Václav Staněk - EXECUTIVE
Lhota u Malenovic 279, 763 02 Zlín
Phone: 731 653 825
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