S2S Project

Is project Step to Sustainability which deals with the development of new skills profiles and professional training in the field of sustainability shoe production. The project is coordinated ISC Technology Centre in Portugal. Project participants: CTCP Portugal, ARS Sutoria Italy, IRCO Slovenia, Klaveness Norway, University of Iasi in Romania, Czech Republic COKA, INESCOP Spain, CEC Brussels, ISC Germany. Realization of the project is from 10/2013 to 03/2016.  www.step2sustainability.eu



International project LEONARDO DA VINCI "Shoe Future"

shared by the organization: IRCUO - Slovenia, ARS Arpel - Italy, CTCP - Portugal, ISC - Germany, FT, UTB Zlín - Czech Republic. Project "Shoe Future" follows on from the previous project that was successfully completed. The result was the creation of a project website: http://www.shoe-learn.com/ and professional publications books.
The project deals with the education of Slovenian shoe workers based on the experience of foreign partners. One of the results of the project will also book specialist publications. For more information, visit the main coordinator of the project: http://ircuo.si/en/pages/projects.php

contact: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. .

Poster of the Project can be Downloaded here.

Autor: Ing. Radim Kocourek, 11. 10. 2012